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The Latest Outrage: Guest article

The Latest Outrage: Guest article

At what point do we say the hell with it and raise the Jolly Roger?

…which invites the question, “Who are we?” Look around, even in your tough-talkin’ patriot circles (if you’re lucky enough to have one- especially one sans agent provocateur). See anyone willing to risk all, a la P. Revere or E. Allen, and get nasty?

This 4-minute long Jon Rappoport article makes me think of the Mencken quote: “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

Indeed. And of course there is the famous Jefferson quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” [preferably the latter].

I know, “You go first, Shumway!”

Whoever goes first is going to be portrayed as some kind of lunatic hybrid of McVeigh and Dahmer, so there’s probably no glory in obeying the Jefferson rule (except maybe posthumously, way down the road).

But seriously, listen to the article and ask yourself, “What would be wrong about the victim or aggrieved family in the story taking justice into their own hands?” We could even ask, “Mightn’t it be wrong to not take justice into their own hands, given the facts?”

What do you do when the law no longer protects you or yours, and lets the ogre who raped your daughter walk?

Incidentally, the Rappoport story reminds me of the Leo Frank case. Do you know how the ADL got started? This is a fascinating read.

Original Jon Rappoport article here.
Link to all of Jon’s stacks here.
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Thank you Jon Rappoport for letting me broadcast this article.

Part of the content I intend to broadcast on BBR will be featured articles by writers I follow here on substack and elsewhere- not to mention articles suggested by my readers and listeners. Back in early March Jon Rappoport wrote a great article entitled Virtual vs Real…If I had a son, I would teach him baseball. It made me think of my two projects, Screen-Free-Sunday (which might be changed to Saturday but either works) and the Discovery School. Unfortunately the article is behind a paywall. I’m a paid subscriber, so I don’t know how far you can get before being blocked, but I recommend you take a look. I asked Jon if I could rebroadcast the article in audio form here, and he quite reasonably said sorry he depends on paid content for his income, but I could take his free stuff and put it up, so I made a recording out of his post of a week ago. I’m thinking about putting stuff like this up in the morning so people can have something short and sweet to listen as they get their day started- maybe in the car on the commute, on the iphone for the morning walk with Fang, or on the speaker in the kitchen for morning coffee.

If you have any must-read writers in your substack subscription quiver, send me a line and maybe I can also convince them to let me read their stuff.

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