Our Fauci

Who art in thy corner office

Give us this day our daily jab

That we might shed on our families and friends

And blame the unvaccinated

For our blot clots, heart attacks and strokes

Thine spike protein is the glory

For a life expectancy of 3.7 more years



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Jun 13, 2022Liked by DW Shumway

Toe tappingly poignant.

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This is very good.

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Well written and nicely performed.

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C'mon Justin!

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Just remember Biebs, the vaccines are safe and effective. It would be a real shame if, I don't know, maybe YouTube deleted all your videos and banned you for life and your label dropped you and you had to sell records out of the back of your car or something. Yeah, it would break our hearts to see that happen to ya.

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Justin. A freemason lucifer loving liar who like other evil spirits goes about telling the truth while simultaneously lying his ass off! REPENT DING DONG! OR SUFFER & DIE ETERNALLY OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN !!!!

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