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#1. Chuck Baldwin

#1. Chuck Baldwin

BALDWIN ON TRUMP. Interview with Pastor Chuck Baldwin


Today, what an honor to interview Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin is the pastor of Liberty Fellowship, in Kalispell, Montana. He has a youtube channel where you can watch his popular weekly sermons. He was a syndicated talk show host, he is an author, a columnist, a media personality, and he was the 2008 presidential nominee for the constitution party.

I suggest you read his biography on the 'about' page on his website, chuckbaldwinlive.com. One fun fact I learned there was that he's quite an athlete and once ran a 10 second 100 yard dash!

I had the chance to meet Dr. Baldwin in person after attending one of his Sunday sermons. If you're ever in the NW Montana area...for example if you plan to visit Glacier National park, Kalispell is very close to the western entrance, and you should definitely take that opportunity to attend Liberty Fellowship. You will be warmly welcomed.

I first interviewed Dr. Baldwin in June of 2020, for KLA TV.

Last week, Pastor Baldwin was most generous to give his time for a second conversation and allow me to use this interview to inaugurate my brand new podcast.



Here you’ll find all of my interviews at KLA.TV. Over 5 million views: https://www.kla.tv/Interviews-en

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