Wow, masking percentage that low in your part of the country. Here in the greater Tokyo area, it has never gotten far below 50%. My med school still mandates them. I do not wear one though and expect each day there to be my last because of it. Most of my kids’ classmates and teachers are still wearing them and they still are not allowed to talk during lunch, that whole Mokushoku thing.

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Super glad you made it back Dan! Sorry that we were not able to get together as we had hoped prior to your departure. Oh and a huge congratulations on your son being the model of marketing there in Japan. WOW! That’s so cool. I’m still very much looking forward to seeing you upon your return and having you up to the house for a few days and nights. I would like to talk strategy on B.B. radio and any other thoughts you may have regarding it.

You are loved, appreciated, and highly regarded my friend. So grateful for our paths crossing.

Your friends M&R

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