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Nice post Dan, and a great cause! I love the idea of uniting people around issues that affect the places they care about. I'm going to be writing more about this in a future post of my own on Quiet Hills. Looking forward to the whole video. The deeper issues here are about power, local control, and the environmental movement, which imho has strayed from core goals of keeping the environment clean and healthy in favor of promoting “global” tech solutions for everything. We all know what rare earth metals are for: electric cars that people want to pretend are THE solution to climate change. People like to avoid thinking about actual trade offs in their consumer choices so they can feel good virtue signaling. Polluting the beautiful Bitterroot river is one of those trade-offs, and it’s one I hope you can unite local people around stopping. Good luck!

P..S. Your p.s. question about Oswald at the end of your email made me belly laugh. Thanks for making my morning!

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