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Thank you DW - I am referencing you and linking you in my future Letters. Well done - I love satire as it is our best weapon against our oppessors and Python is the Monarch of Comedy IMHO.


Sorry about Utube's censorship. But worth a look because it's actually my PLAN 'B' in South Africa: https://www.britannica.com/place/Dithmarschen


NB - What we have in UK are Germanic tribes (Anglo Saxons etc) who ruled for 500 years after the Romans left, and had created a wonderful civilisation for 400 years. But due to the great Volcanic Catastrophe of 536AD (Reference: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Catastrophe-Investigation-Origins-Modern-World/dp/0099409844 ); The Anglo/Saxons wrecked their Roman heritage in short order and hence followed the Dark Ages until King William I arrived and after 1,000 years attempted to civilise the barbarian Saxons.

Of course they failed and now we have inherited the Germanic propensity for war and colonisation. Disclosure: I have been tested for my genetic heritage - I am 90% Viking and proud of my tribe. I am no racist - I am a tribalist!

Go well dear fellow humorist.


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