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Are people going to be able to push back the indoctrination and engage in critical thinking enough to realize why so many of their friends/coworkers/family members are experiencing health issues? At my company, we’ve had five employees lose their medical certification to work. In a group this small (200), that’s an unusual number. I worked in a group of 5000 for 17 years and I don’t remember this many medical disqualifications in such a short time.

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I went to an event recently at Aka Renga Soko in Yokohama. There were a lot of market stalls, apparently selling surfer stuff and I got the impression it was a surfer related event. I'd say about 50% there were not wearing masks especially among those manning the stalls. Sorry for the poor guy who collapsed, it seems that the vaccine damage takes it's toll when the heart is stressed which is why so many sportsplayers collapse.

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Good news: The unconscious surfer survived!

Went back to the beach the next day to get the scoop. The 2nd guy I talked to in the water knew what was up.

"He's had a heart condition all his life, since he was born. That's why he passed out."

-Has he ever collapsed like that?


-Never in his life?


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