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YNP10 with Scott Horton

Ten questions for the anti-war expert

The sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines reminded me of my 2021 interview with Scott Horton. In a 12-minute YNP10 (Yes/No/Pass X 10) session, this was my question #7:

Will Germany and Russia move forward and complete Nordstream 2?

The reason I asked is because at the time it was obvious America was putting immense pressure on Germany to halt the construction. The last thing the American regime wants is a stable and prosperous trade relationship between those countries, as was the situation before the 1st and 2nd world wars, when the Anglo-American empire was dead set against German-Russian cooperation. Resource-rich but technology-poor Russia in a partnership with resource-poor but technology-rich Germany would create a potential alliance that could challenge and supersede Anglo-American hegemony. War was preferable to that peaceful alliance then as it is now in Ukraine.

In light of the bombing of the pipelines, and the American government's promise that the pipeline would be stopped if Russia invaded Ukraine, consider Horton's words at minute 4:40 of the interview:

Any sort of pipeline of goods or services or fuel or whatever you've got, in peace, in trade, between Germany and Russia is the single most important invention in the history of the world. The last two times that Russia and Germany fought, it was the worst thing that ever happened, and God help us if they fight again. And so who cares if some American, even Texan, where I'm from, natural gas companies don't get the contract to sell to Germany 'cause they're buying from Russia instead. We lose a few billion, but we save humanity. That sounds like a decent trade.

Watch the interview by clicking on the picture above. Or you can see it here on the KLA website.

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