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The Russian Response to the Plandemic

Riley Waggaman interview, part 1. 26 minutes

I’m pretty sure this recent interview will be featured on, but it might take a while, so here it is for my substack subscribers.

Part 1: How Russia responded to covid.

In parts 2 and 3 we’ll talk about the war in Ukraine and Riley’s thoughts on news sources for covering this topic.

If you have any trouble viewing this video, please let me know so I can upload a lower file sized version. Thanks.

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…off-topic fun fact: Did you know that over one-third of young girls' self-esteem is being negatively impacted by the current lack of diversity in video games, as “74% of women wish for more inclusivity in female video game characters”? Dove soap and Epic games are teaming up to fix this problem.

DW Shumway
DW Shumway