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I said 'Lizards' and I meant 'Lizards'!

David Icke Teaser

What's on your bucket list? Near the top of mine is to go to the Isle of Wight and 'av a pint with David Icke.

We didn't get to the lizards, but it was a great 2-hour conversation with the world famous Tour Guide to the Rabbit Hole. Part 1 of the interview will be coming out tomorrow. I'll post it and link to it right here, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here's a 1-minute teaser from our talk. It's just raw footage from the Zoom recording; the KLA version will of course have a much nicer edit with improved sound, framing, lighting, etc. Oh, and a note I got today from an editor on the Frankfurt team, who helped translate it to German.

P.S. Yesterday evening we finished the last quality check of the David 
I. Interview. I hope we did a good job. My impression is: it is 
excellent!!! I loved it! I love your excellent "manner of interviewing" 
and  I loved D.I's way of summing all up so that it is absolutely 
understandable for the "common listener"!!

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DW Shumway
DW Shumway