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15. predictive programming

the not-so subliminal messaging

There's a Twitter account called Wittgenstein which is an extensive daily chronicle of the Decline of the West. It's simultaneously depressing and riveting. The other day he tweeted about the lead singer of the rock band TOOL. Maynard James Keenan, fully vaxxed, just had his fourth bout of Covid.

Scrolling through the replies, a guy mentioned something about the art on the cover of their latest album, Fear Inoculum, which came out in August of 2019, just before the fun got started.

He said the logo made the shape of a syringe if you superimposed a reverse image of it on itself. So I cut and pasted on powerpoint to see if I could make that syringe.

I also checked out a few TOOL videos, which seem to all feature plausible representations of hell, with the soundtrack you might hear on the PA system down there.

By now I guess we've all heard the idea that the dark powers are compelled to let us know in advance what's coming. Is that what is happening here? Judge for yourself.

inoculum: the substance used to make an inoculation

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DW Shumway
DW Shumway